Title Searches

This process is essential because we need a clear title to close any real estate transaction. At First Title Team we run title searches, reviewing public records to determine a given property’s legal status, so that we can avoid counter-claims and other liens on a property.

Title Examinations

In this process we thoroughly inspect the past and current ownership of a property. This is done by an expert real estate attorney, as part of the highly capable staff you can expect from First Title Team.

At this stage we look for problems such as outstanding taxes or mortgages on a property, as well mistakes in past title transfers. We guarantee that our clients will only ever take clear title and will issue a title policy insuring so.

Full Escrow Services

First Title Team provides full escrow services, taking responsibility for the receipt and maintenance of all funds related to the transaction. We hold deposits, receive lender proceeds, and disburse all funds in accordance with the terms of every transaction.

This service ensures that our clients can complete their transactions securely, maintaining funds in protected accounts that are released upon the fulfilment of all transaction requirements.

Title Insurance

We are in the business of protecting all parties involved in any given real estate transaction. This is why we issue title insurance: to safeguard lenders and buyers from any financial losses that could arise in the future.